Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

twinkiesHave you decided the debate between butter or margarine?  Well, the retirement of Twinkies might be a clue. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils can last decades.  As it turns out, insects won’t even eat partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and that should be a clue.  When in doubt, just ask yourself, “Which is in it’s natural form?”  Butter, while a saturated fat and not nearly as healthy as vegetable oils (like extra-virgin olive oil), it is in it’s natural form and our body has the process of digesting and using butter. Partially hydrogenated oils are unnatural and disease promoting.

I might remind you that infant formula uses partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (and so does almost everything that lives on the shelves in the grocery stores).


“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that if people in the U.S. cut this stuff out of their diets it would prevent over 20,000 heart attacks and more than 7,000 deaths a year from coronary disease, while a study in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated the heart-damaging toll from this ingredient is over 200,000 “events” a year.”


For our children, cutting out partially hydrogenated vegetable oils may be right up there with avoiding tobacco and aspartame!

 Dr. Paul


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