Aspartame- Deadly Sweet Part 1

Aspartame – the artificial sweetener in most diet drinks – is broken down in the human body to methanol and formaldehyde.  In humans, not all cells can metabolize formaldehyde to formic acid as animals can.  Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and a methylation monster that can alter your genetic code (DNA).  This issue may well be a major factor in such diseases as MS, Autism, Cancer and more. 

Due to the very small size of the methanol molecule, it crosses the blood brain barrier, where it is converted to formaldehyde that is very toxic to myelin basic protein. 

The book “While Science Sleeps” by Dr Woodrow Monte gives a thorough history of this issue.  Below, is a detailed interview with Dr Mercola interviewing Dr Monte.


I hope you learn from this and can remove any Aspartame from your life.


Dr Paul

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