The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean-diet-The New England Journal of Medicine has published in its Feb 25, 2013 issue, a study confirming the health benefits of eating real food, over the low fat diet most Americans try to eat.

Focus on eating olive oil, fish, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and poultry. Those on the Mediterranean diet, eating either extra-virgin olive oil or nuts, resulted in a risk reduction of three major cardiovascular risk events by 30%. Small differences were also seen for fish and legumes, but not for other food groups. The study results “support the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.”


For those of you over 21, without any risk factors for addictions and who are able to take it or leave it, the addition of a small glass of red wine a day (NO MORE) was acceptable and may provide some health benefits.  Those on the Mediterranean diet were discouraged from drinking pop which may have had a huge health benefit from the reduction of aspartame ingested by those on the low fat diet.  Alcohol (in moderation) has also been shown to be protective when it comes to methanol (from aspartame, cigarettes, and canned plant-based foods – see

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    I would like to add that a there is a great book on the Mediterranean diet called “Good Food, Great Medicine” written by Dr. Miles Hassell. The tagline for his book states, “An evidence-based guide to using the Mediterranean diet and your kitchen in the pursuit of optimal health” and now has a new chapter on preventing and treating heart disease. We have copies of this book here in our office if you are interested in one.

    Also, Dr. Hassell will be speaking on the topic of “How a Greek Grandmother Would Solve the Health Care Crisis: Which Diet and Lifestyle Choices Really Matter?“. This will be a free speaking engagement on Monday, March 11th, 2013, at 7:30 pm and will be held at the St. Pius Church on Saltzman Road (in Cedar Mill). Please join those of us attending as we learn more from this great doctor and author!

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