Food Dyes and Colors

food dyesCitizens for  Health (  is kicking off a “read your labels” campaign.  I can’t agree more. We are what we eat. Our health is entirely up to us. There are some big things that are vital to saving our health, like not drinking or eating anything with aspartame, smoking or using tobacco, and avoiding GMO and pesticides by eating organic.

I support wholeheartedly the call to avoid food dyes and colors.  Dr Feingold made this recommendation decades ago, and a look at this web site shows the 500% increase in use of food dyes and colors the past century.

 The thought that the FDA or NIH or CDC will protect us from harmful foods or additives or toxins as they should is just an exercise in futility.  The politics of big business, and the knowledge that they are motivated by profit and not the health of the population, is clear from the continual failures by the agencies that should be protecting us from making common-sense decisions even when the evidence is overwhelming.  Examples include allowing aspartame to remain on the market and aluminum in vaccines being given to pregnant women and newborns.


Parents, citizens, we must take full responsibility for what we put in our children’s mouths in the form of food and drinks and what we inject in the vaccines we give.


Dr. Paul


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