Vaccinations: What Should A Parent Do?


This may be one of the most important decisions a parent must make.

Be an independent thinker.  In the USA, there is one posted vaccine schedule that is put out by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). That schedule is based on what would be best for the population as a whole, as determined by the small group of experts in the infectious disease arena.

The current schedule dates from back when autism was diagnosed in 1 child out of every 10,000. There was very little chronic disease like asthma, eczema, diabetes, autism, ADD, anxiety, depression, etc. The schedule was written when the rate of occurrence was nothing like what we are seeing today.

While I do recommend the schedule as recommended, for my child and perhaps for yours, there may be unique genetic vulnerabilities that would make the current schedule less than desirable and risky for you child.  Your family, like mine, may have unique risk factors.

Let’s say there was a high likelihood of alcoholism in your family.  If your child never drank alcohol, would they become alcoholic?  No. It’s the toxins, when in a genetically vulnerable child, that cause these issues we are seeing today.  

A child’s first exposure to toxins is in the womb.  The uterus has the job of shunting nutrients and toxins to the developing baby.  In 2012, in the USA, the CDC added the recommendation that all pregnant women get the Tdap with each pregnancy to reduce the risk of mother or child contracting Pertussis. The Tdap vaccine has at least 330 micrograms of aluminum.  Studies have shown that premature infants should not get more than 4-5 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight each day of aluminum parenterally (meaning IV- in the vein or IM- in the muscle), or they may suffer neurological and developmental delays. There are no safety studies on injecting aluminum at these very high doses into pregnant women.  The US population is becoming the first large scale human experiment of injecting toxic doses of the known neurotoxin aluminum into pregnant women.  This testing has not even been done on primates.

What about in the hospital when the doctor or nurse is wanting to inject your newborn baby with the Hepatitis B vaccine? This vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum.  Just remember how Hepatitis B is contracted.  This disease is one you get from sexual intercourse or IV drug use, just like HIV.  The only way a baby can get Hepatitis B is if their mom has Hepatitis B.  Mom’s, if you have been tested and you know that you either don’t have Hepatitis B or perhaps you are even immune to Hepatitis B, then the risk to your baby is ZERO!  Why would you inject 250 micrograms of aluminum for something you are not even at risk for? 

A very important study, was just published in JAMA Feb 13th 2013, titled “Association Between Maternal Use of Folic Acid Supplements and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children”. Researchers studied over 85,000 pregnancies between 2002-2008, and followed the child’s health for an average of 6 years after birth, What they found was that for those moms who took folate during pregnancy the autism rate was 1 in 1000, and if they didn’t take folate it was 1/500.  Guess what the autism rate was in the USA for this same time period?  1 in 100!

You might ask what this has to do with vaccines.  Well, most likely a lot.  The vaccine schedule in Norway at that time does not include the Hepatitis B vaccine with all of it’s toxic aluminum.  The conclusion of the study was, “Although these findings do not establish causality, they do support prenatal folic acid supplementation.”  I would add that while the study cannot establish causality between aluminum and the Hepatitis B vaccine and higher risks of autism, it does support not injecting aluminum into pregnant moms and definitely does support holding off on the Hepatitis B vaccine until much later.

As for the rest of the vaccine schedule, I would propose you not give more than one aluminum containing vaccine at a time. 

Dr Paul

GMO Just Got A Big Boost By Government Sneak Tactics

NoGMOI wish I could say the government was looking out for our best interests. Time after time it seems, however, that the big companies interests are put ahead of the interests of health and the public.  We had the Patriot Act giving manufacturers of vaccines full exemption from liability if vaccines were to cause any harm.  Now, in this newly signed law, the government has given full protection to Monsanto for it’s GMO (genetically modified) seeds that have been banned in Europe but will be increasingly hard to stop here in the USA. 


Parents, look around you.  Do you see people getting healthier or sicker? Understand that chronic disease starts in the womb, and is progressive throughout our lives.  By the time we get sick, in many cases the causes have been ongoing for decades.  Say no to GMO, and refuse to buy anything that is not organic and GMO free. This bill is a huge step in the wrong direction, but it is still possible to avoid GMO foods.

Dr. Paul


Probiotics- Reduce Diarrhea, Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

Probiotics reduce diarrhea, and when taken prenatal and during the first 6 months of life,  will also reduce asthma, eczema, and allergies.

Probiotics are the natural good bacteria that we can take either as a supplement or as a normal part of fermented, natural yogurt or Kefir.  While MD’s for decades questioned the value of probiotics, this extensive review should satisfy even the harshest critics of probiotics.  When the right strains are used, probiotics have an excellent safety profile, and are not pathogenic (disease causing). Typically we focus on using key strains of lactobacillus and bifidus.  

Read about this recent study here:

A large review shows significant benefits to the use of probiotics when your child has diarrhea. Sixty-three studies met the inclusion criteria with a total of 8014 participants. Of these, 56 trials recruited infants and young children. The use of probiotics reduced the duration of the illness by over a day, and the severity was also reduced in most studies. 

Personal communication from a researcher in the Swansen baby study done by Seroyal (soon to be published) has shown that giving the right strains of probiotics in the last trimester of pregnancy, and to infants from birth reduces allergies , eczema, and asthma by 57%.  This will be a huge contribution to the general health practices.  There are things we should do while pregnant, like avoiding smoking, alcohol, aspartame, pesticides, and fish, to name a few.  There are few things we should do now, like taking your prenatal vitamin, extra vitamin D up to 5000 IU a day total, take extra omega-3 fish oil, iodine (if not in your prenatal) and now I would add taking a good probiotic that has just the bifidus and lactobacillus strains.  (Seroyal Natogen is the one tested in the Swansen Baby study- 1/4  teaspoon (one scoop daily for the mom) and give to your newborn by dipping your finger into the bottle of probiotic three times and then inserting it into your newborns mouth. 


Dr. Paul


Grounding While Sleeping

electrical GroundImagine being able to remove free radicals from the body while you sleep!  Grounding yourself (barefoot on the earth, as an example, or using grounding sleeping pads) actually can reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels in your body. Remember, our bodies run on electrical impulses. Everyday, we are exposed to a multitude of electrical energy forms, from our household lights to our refrigerator magnets to the cellular/radio signals in the air around us. Think back to fourth grade science. As inductance can affect the polarity of the molecules in a piece of steel, the exposure to so much electrical energy may be able to affect the polarity of the molecules in our bodies. Our evolutionary fix for this was simply to be in contact with the earth itself. But today, we wear rubber-soled insulators, we walk on concrete, and we forget to kick off our shoes and play in the mud!

A very interesting article on the biological affect of grounding the human body while sleeping was recently published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information and can be found at Please read this!

 Remember not to neglect mother EARTH.  Get in touch with the earth (barefoot on the ground – not concrete). Just getting out into nature can be highly effective at reducing ADHD.   Get outside and reduce your child’s ADHD symptoms. Any person with a neurological issue (e.g. autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc.) should consider this as a must modality to use.

I think back to my childhood in Africa, and I now am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be in touch with the Earth, from the village, to high school in the mountains of Swaziland.  For those of us here in Portland, Oregon, we are blessed with Forest Park.  Let’s get our kids outdoors as much as possible. 

Grounding pads are being said to offer faster recovery after exercise or stress. This is a unique way to detox and increase your anti-oxidant levels while you sleep. Put this pad on your bed and connect it to a cord that grounds it to your home’s electrical system. By doing this, it indirectly makes sleeping on the earth possible from your bed!

Grounding pads can be ordered from:

 I know this is the first time I have written about this intervention.  It makes sense; it’s safe and relatively inexpensive.  What if this one intervention allowed for a health breakthrough?  

If you get a grounding pad for your child, please let me know what happens.

Dr. Paul


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