Pregnancy: Nutrition and Avoiding Toxins

Pay attention to your diet, even before you become pregnant, since your lifetime accumulation of toxins can slowly reach your developing baby.


  • – Smoke (This exposes you to carcinogens and methanol that will be converted to formaldehyde in your baby).
  • – Consume aspartame (11% methanol) in diet drinks and chewing gum.
  • – Eat pesticides (eat organic).
  • – Eat fish.


  • – Take your prenatal with folate (folinic acid) and add iodine if it is not already in your prenatal.
  • – Add vitamin D (up to 5000 IU a day).
  • – Add omega-3 fish oil.


Vaccines:   A premature baby should not get more than 5-10 micrograms of aluminum a day. The Tdap vaccine has 330 micrograms of aluminum. This is 100x the known neuro-toxic dose.

There are no safety studies about injecting anything close to this amount of aluminum into pregnant moms.  Protect your newborn by vaccinating all the caregivers for Pertussis. If mom hasn’t had a recent Tdap, she should hold off and get it right after delivering her baby.


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  • neerajaps

    Hello Doctor,
    I appreciate your efforts to write the blogs and create awareness. I am presently in a dilemma about vaccinating my child. though the 1 dose of tdap, rotavirus an hib is given i am skeptical about prevnar.

    I had some questions which I am not getting any answers:
    1) How much immunity does 1 dose of any vaccine provides? Is it fine to give 1 or 2 doses of recommended vaccines and avoid any boosters?
    2) Aluminium being a biggest concern does spacing vaccines really help? and eliminate from infant body?
    3) what happens if the gap between doses is more?

    It will be of great help if you can answer my queries. Thank you in advance.

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