Dental Work and Pregnancy

toothI often hear this question- “Is it OK to get dental work while I am pregnant?”

My answer is this- I’m a Pediatrician.  My biggest concern has to do with toxin exposures to that unborn child. Do NOT get silver (mercury) fillings removed or placed while you are pregnant. If you have an emergency and need a filling, ask for the white composite filling.  In general, the earlier in the pregnancy the worse it can be to have radiation (x-rays) or toxins – such as fillings, with the silver (mercury) fillings being the most toxic. I would not, however, avoid necessary work, as to do so might put you at high risk of infection. If you are in severe pain, the stress of that pain on yourself and your unborn child may be more damaging than the minimal risks of getting the dental work done.  Consult with your dentist on the safest approaches and if x-rays and fillings can wait, then by all means wait until your baby is born.


Dr. Paul

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