Iodine Deficiency

iodineA recent review by Dr Meletis highlights the importance, especially during pregnancy, of iodine in our bodies.  Pregnant moms, please make sure your prenatal has Iodine and if not I recommend you get an iodine supplement.

Inadequate iodine during pregnancy has been shown to cause hypothyroidism, lowered IQ, mental retardation brain damage. In addition, goiter, cretinism, cognitive and neurological disorders, gastric cancer, and breast disease have been associated with iodine deficiency. The recommended daily allowance for iodine in adults is 150 mg per day, 220 mg per day in pregnant women, and 290 mg daily in lactating women. 

 Dr Meletis’ review was published in The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

You can read the full review at the following link-

 Dr Paul



  • Celina

    Interesting! My prenatal (Thorne) has 150 mcg. Would adding kelp supplement be a good source of iodine? If so, how much would make the 220 mg/day in iodine recommended for pregnant women?

    • admin

      Since your prenatal has 150 mcg and Thorne is a reputable company, I do not think you should add Kelp. You will likely get some iodine with iodized salt from your diet. Kelp can have radioactive iodine (a problem that became very real after the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan that affected the iodine levels in a lot of Kelp).

      Dr Paul

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