Medicinal Treatment Options for ADD and ADHD

No need to fear medications in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. The use of stimulants for ADD and ADHD is typically calming. This treatment can sometimes be miraculous in helping with focus. Three major side effects:

1. Decreased appetite (universal)- This is why it is so important that your child has a protein/fat breakfast and avoid sugars and simple carbohydrates. Also, allow a healthy snack at bedtime.

2. Agitation or sedating (makes you sleepy)- These are bad, and meant that this is the wrong medicine or that the dose is too high.

3. Disruption of sleep- Typically happens only with long-acting stimulants. Remember to start a new medicine, or increase a dose, on a weekend when you, the parent, are at home and can observe the effects that this new medicine or dose will have on your child.

Dr Paul

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