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This looks like an organization that is on the right path. If there is one thing that is all important for the health of our children and our families, besides good nutrition, it’s avoiding toxins. With toxins, little things add up and of course we must stay vigilant about the big exposures. They call hazmat for a mercury spill, so why would you put 50% mercury in your teeth as an amalgam? These are the silver fillings that the dentist uses. I recommend insisting on the white ones. Fish, sadly, are so high in mercury and pesticides that they are a very toxic food these days. Multi-dose flu shots also have mercury, so insist on the single-dose, non-mercury ones, which are all we ever carry.

Eat organic, and if you are pregnant, don’t get the Tdap. Now, to those of you that are pregnant and who already did get the Tdap booster vaccine, please don’t beat yourself up. I gave all my kids the mercury laden shots back in the day, not knowing any better. We learn, we move on, and we share what we know.

Dr. Paul

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