Pediatricians Call to Keep Thimerosal in Vaccines

vaccine2I am very sad that the AAP did not have the back bone to stand up for the call for thimerosal-free vaccines world-wide.  It is a double standard to call for removal of thimerosal here in the US and not around the world.  I understand it’s an economic and “trade-off” issue, with the fear being that mandating thimerosal-free vaccines world-wide would in effect prevent millions of children from getting needed vaccines. However, I still think the world can rally for children and pay the extra money needed to make all vaccines as safe as possible. 

We, who are called Pediatricians, should always advocate for the safest possible vaccines and not give industry and governments the option to skimp and save at the expense of children’s neurological health. Mercury is a known poison and I regret that the AAP continues to hide behind a couple of large, poorly done studies (for which the data has gone missing under the watch of the CDC) that claim to have proven no link between thimerosal and neurotoxicity or autism.  Plenty of studies do exist that are able to show how toxic mercury and thimerosal are. 

You can read this news about the decision to use toxic preservatives at the following link:


Dr Paul

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