Did The MMR Cause Autism in Your Child?

AutismI hear over and over in my practice, “Doc, my child was smiling and saying mama and dada then within days or weeks of the MMR I lost my child – they lost speech and lost eye contact”.  Those of us who work with large numbers of autistic families know this to be a fact.  The association of the MMR and autism has been challenged by mainstream media and the medical community in the USA and England. Dr Andrew Wakefield, who first published this possible association, was run out of medicine, but his book, “Callous Disregard- Autism and Vaccines – The Truth Behind a Tragedy“, is a must read for anyone who seeks the truth.

If you are a parent who has an autistic child, I would love to hear from you in a brief summary of what happened.  I realize that some children get autism who have had no vaccines at all, and some children who have not had the MMR  specifically get autism. I suspect, in those who are more genetically vulnerable (we are all vulnerable if you get enough of a toxin), it is toxins, toxins, and more toxins. The MMR pushes them over (the immune system just cannot deal with the three live viruses in that vaccine) in certain cases.  

Another book worth a look is, “The Myth of Autism,” by Dr Michael Goldberg. He rightly points out that Autism is just a label and a wrong one at that. These children are ill and in many cases it is an immune dysfunction and often a chronic viral infection.  How many of you parents and grandparents have had chicken pox as a child then decades later can get shingles?  Shingles is from the same varicella virus that caused your chicken pox and has been alive and hiding in the nerve ganglia.  How many of you adults have had recurrent cold sores or herpes skin lesions?  How many of you are aware that dermatologists now put adults with these chronic recurring skin infections on Acyclovir or Valtrex (Valcyclovir) which most often prevents these recurrences.  What if you could decrease brain inflammation from chronic viral infection in your “autistic” child who may have chronic viral infection?  What if that chronic viral infection was from the live virus MMR?  It could also be from other viruses (herpes, varicella- HZV, CMV , EBV, HHV6 etc,).

If you are my patient and we have not discussed this viral issue, make sure we do so at your next visit.

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