Gun Violence

Gun Violence, top pediatrician responds to the mass killing of grade school children in Newtown, Connecticut.

My sincere condolences and heart felt care is extended to all those who have suffered.
Things we can do:
1. Support those who have suffered a loss or have lost hope.
2. Support our children’s self esteem.
3. Get rid of violent video games that involve killing.
4. Make obtaining weapons/ guns more difficult.
5. Let’s ban assault (military) weapons.
6. No guns in the home or lock guns with ammo in separate locked place.

Mental illness: depression, anxiety, etc. may be chemically based and there is help. This is not the “way it needs to be”. There is a brighter day and future for you.

To avoid stress (the trigger for relapse in addictions or perhaps to committing violence):
H ungry
A nger
L onely
T ired

Don’t let more than one or two of these happen at the same time.

Love, nurture and provide community. Thank you for watching.
Dr Paul

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