An Apple A Day Keeps The Blues Away

appleWe all know that eating healthy is good for us. Typically we are thinking it is good for our waist line, our heart, and our immune system-thus keeping the doctor away. This study shows that eating fruits and vegetables (8 servings a day), actually improves your mood the following day. Want to start feeling better? Make eating fruits and vegetables a real priority. If fruits and vegetables are the main source of our nutrition and everything else is like a small side dish (meats, fats, dairy, sweets, etc.), our overall mood and well-being may improve. Keep in mind that infants need their breast milk, or if not able to breastfeed, then they do need their formula.

Eating produce does much more than just help us feel better. Our children will be less likely to have diabetes, heart-disease, and many other diseases associated with our SAD (Standard American Diet).



Dr Paul

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