Toxin: Methanol – Foods to Avoid

methanolMethanol, traditionally known as wood alcohol, is used in industry as a solvent. In the body, it is converted to formaldehyde (think embalming fluid) also highly toxic.

In our quest to reduce and eliminate neurological damage, we must carefully consider all toxins that have the ability to damage our children’s brains. For extensive information on this topic I recommend the book and web site

Parents, please stop all purchasing of diet drinks and use of artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is converted to methanol, which is a tiny molecule that enters across the blood brain barrier, and once in the brain, can be converted to toxic formaldehyde. I once worked in a mortuary where bodies were embalmed. That strong smell of formaldehyde can sometimes be detected when new carpet is placed (from the glue). Imagine each time you give your child diet drinks they are sucking on the toe of an embalmed corpse. Or, if you are pregnant, it is your unborn child sucking on the toe. Forgive me for the gross graphic, but we MUST STOP DRINKING DIET DRINKS, aspartame/ nutrasweet, etc.

AVOID (these are high in methanol):

  • Cigarettes.
  • Diet foods and drinks with aspartame.
  • Fruit and vegetable products and their juices in bottles, cans, or pouches.
  • Jellies, jams, and marmalades not made fresh and kept refrigerated.
  • Black currant and tomato juice products, fresh or processed.
  • Tomato sauces, unless first simmered at least 3 hours with an open lid.
  • Smoked foods
  • Chewing gum

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Dr. Paul


  • Preeti

    Thank you doctor this is v informative

  • Alex

    Thanks for posting… I have a question – does this include all juices, no matter the container (including glass)? Also I assume this means that the Plum Baby, Ella’s Kitchen, organic pouches are also included? Thank you!

    • admin

      Regarding fruit juices, their methanol content is so low that I do NOT feel a child needs to avoid these completely. Just remember the fruit (organic) in it’s natural state, is always the best choice. Keep in mind that plastic packaging also exposes your child to harmful BPA.

      Here is a direct response to your question from one of the worlds leading authorities on methanol and it’s harmful effects, Dr Monte Woodrow:

      “Foodwise most people just need to give up stuff with aspartame since it is far and away the major food source of methanol in the human diet. However they should realize that these processed fruit and vegetable juices are definitely not beneficial and should be kept to a minimum. There is one exception, people with MS appear to be exquisitely sensitive to methanol. They have to give up all methanol and be religious about it.”

      For more information about methanol and it’s health effects see:

      Dr. Paul

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