Febrile Seizures

A seizure typically involves rigid repetative movements. Febrile seizures occur only between 6 months and 6 years, are symetrical, and like all seizures, includes a postictal phase (your child is extra sleepy or tired) with no other cause for the seizure. Be calm, this is not a dangerous situation. For children who have febrile seizures, you will want to bring your child in to see the doctor sooner each time they have an illness that is associated with fever. You also want to avoid letting that child have high temperatures. You would treat any fever over 100 to 101 (38-39 C) with ibuprofen (if your child is older than 6 months). If your child had an ear infection, UTI, strep throat or bacterial pneumonia and a history of febrile seizures, we would treat with antibiotics to shorten the course of the illness and the amount of time they are at risk for a febrile seizure.

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