Immunizations in Oregon- Senate Bill 132

vaccineSenate bill 132 is an effort to educate the public about the benefits of vaccines.  I see no problem with educating the public about the benefits of vaccines, but I do see a problem with not including education about the dangers of vaccines, such as the presence of extremely high, toxic-doses of aluminum in certain vaccines.  It simply defies reason that we would inject 250 micrograms of aluminum into a newborn whose mother does not have Hepatitis B and thus there is no risk for that newborn.  The maximum possible safe dose of aluminum for a typical newborn is 12-15 micrograms of aluminum.

Dr Rosenbloom, who is quoted in this article, has shared with me that he is aware of the aluminum issue, but he responded to me,  “Just a difference in how we look at it”.  

If you are concerned about toxins and brain development, then the way I look at it, you do everything in your power to minimize toxic brain exposures, especially when there is nothing to be gained by vaccinating a newborn for Hepatitis B (when their mother does not have Hepatitis B). Injecting 330+ micrograms while pregnant is even more problematic (the new recommendation to give all pregnant moms the Tdap). 

 Please read this article on Senate Bill 132 below-

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  • Kiwismommy

    The problem is it is not those selectively vaccinating or not vaccinating that need educated. Even the CDC says those avoiding vaccines are for the most part professionals with college degrees. Should tell you something. Everyone I know that has decided to avoid some or all vaccines are those that have read copious amounts of literature, have read the studies themselves, and have acquired information from all sides and sources and made an intelligent decision, for some a very difficult decision. All the parents that I know that give their child every vaccine according to the CDC schedule, simply trust their pediatrician and never read up on nor question the number of vaccines or their ingredients. I could not even find one that demanded to read the package inserts. If they did, they might have been shocked to see Autism listed as a possible side effect right on the insert.
    So yes, if you are going to educate people, how about those blindly trusting parents who have done no research whatsoever and pump their children with any vaccine available! If not, then don’t bother wasting my time or money with the propaganda I have seen and read a million times. Hey, I see that every day in the mainstream media, I really don’t need to hear it one more time.

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