Infant Formula

Here in the USA, there are numerous options when it comes to formula.  Considerations include:

   1. Is it organic?

   2. Is it well tolerated by your infant (no constipation or diarrhea).

   3. Does it contain GMO (genetically modified) foods? – You should avoid these products if possible – most thingssweetened with corn syrup use GMO corn.

   4. Does it contain DHA and ARA? (these fatty acids are important for brain development)

   5. For cow milk protein intolerance, consider the casein-free Goodstart products (whey protein only).

   6. Those with added probiotics provide a benefit although probiotics can be given separately.

From my review, the best option seems to be the Nature’s One Formula with DHA and ARA.

Information Below About Nature’s One Formula:
We label all of our Baby’s Only Organic® formulas as toddler formulas because of our strong belief that nothing should compete with breast milk during the first year of a child’s life.  Baby’s Only Organic® is not intended for infants unless specified by a healthcare professional.  These great formulas meet the nutrition requirements of the FDA’s Infant Formula Act.  For a nutritional comparison to breast milk, infant formula, other toddler formulas and cow’s milk, please see the attached nutritional comparison chart:  Dairy with DHA & ARA Chart.  

Nature’s One® products do not contain corn*, gluten, rBST dairy, genetically modified ingredients, palm or palm olein oil, algae or fungus oil (DHA & ARA).

We have never used any ingredients that are processed using hexane extraction methods, including our DHA & ARA ingredients.  The DHA and ARA used in our Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy with DHA Formula and also our Baby’s Only Essentials® DHA and ARA Fatty Acid Supplement is a naturally derived source from egg phospholipid (egg yolk).  Egg phospholipid also contains Choline, which is an important nutrient needed for the production of neurotransmitters and development of the memory center in the brain.  Our source of DHA and ARA is a well understood and safe source.

We do not use Palm or Palm Olein oils in our products known to cause hard stools.

We use Organic Brown Rice Syrup to meet carbohydrate requirements in Baby’s Only Organic® formulas.  This ingredient is specially treated with a filtering process that removes heavy metals, such as inorganic arsenic to undetectable levels.  We selected organic brown rice syrup to add to our formula to bring the carbohydrate level to the required amount versus other carbohydrates such as lactose, sucrose (table sugar) or corn syrup because rice is one of the first solid foods introduced to a toddler. Rice is gluten free and is considered hypoallergenic because it is the least allergenic of all the grains. We chose not to add additional lactose to Baby’s Only Organic® Dairy Formula because some infants may not be able to digest large amounts of this milk-sugar causing gassiness, bloating and a very unhappy baby. 

Nature’s One® uses organic milk from farmer-owned cooperatives where cows are not treated with hormones or antibiotics.  You can be assured that the cows raised on these farms graze in organic pastures. The result of quality pastures is healthy cows and high quality organic milk. The Cornucopia Institute gave the organic milk suppliers used by Nature’s One® an “excellent” or a “4 cow rating” in its dairy survey.  You may wish to go the Cornucopia Institute’s website for more information on organic milks.

Cornucopia Website

Nature’s One® also offers a complete organic nutrition beverage called PediaSmart®, which is designed for use in children 1 to 13 years old.  PediaSmart® Organic assures pure ingredients, no chemical processing and nothing artificial.  Its organic chocolate and vanilla flavors are so rich and smooth, even picky eaters love its great taste (PediaSmart® Soy comes in vanilla only).  For children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, eating disorders or injuries, PediaSmart® can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition under the supervision of a doctor. PediaSmart® is also an option for children with a feeding tube under special direction and supervision of a child’s healthcare team.  Both PediaSmart® Dairy and Soy are gluten free and suitable for lactose intolerance.


Dr. Paul

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