You are just a few disciplines away from a breakthrough for your family.  We are what our habits make us.  Do something daily for 3 weeks and you can make this into a habit.  As parents we all know the importance of getting our children to brush their teeth.  If you guide them to do this morning and night, it becomes a life long habit that will save them much pain and grief at the dentist.

What new habit would you like to add personally or for your family?

What habit or habits do you need to remove?

The way we act is governed by how we think.  As a parent, we should be intentional.  We should lead by example and know what we expect and want our children to learn.  Take the lesson of greeting another with a handshake and eye contact.  In this world of social media, these are skills we will have to intentionally teach our children.

Discipline is about creating your family’s legacy.  It’s about what you want, not what you don’t want. It is about becoming.  Too often we are just going along day to day, doing the same things that may not be getting us where we wish to go.  Create a new goal, a new habit and then have the discipline to follow through, even when it’s not convenient.

For those habits we may need to get rid of … drop the anchor, untie the ropes, free yourself of this bondage and lead your family to their new legacy.

We are a community of individuals, each within a family and each family connected we are by our purpose and mutual goals.  As we each become more disciplined, we grow and our joint future is brighter. 

Thanks for joining in the journey.

Dr Paul.


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