When asked what we wish for our children, I often hear: “I just want them to be happy”.  While I often wish for them loving relationships, absence of addictions, a purpose driven life, with service to others (as this is where we find inner joy, peace and serenity), it is happiness that creates that harmony when we are all together.  When one of yours is sad and cannot find joy, we long for them to find happiness and joy. 

While some of us seem to be born with an optimistic attitude, as parents I think we can help our children attain such an attitude by having one ourselves. Happiness is contagious. If you are struggling with happiness and are feeling overwhelmed by stress, try this:

  1. Daily, write down and say out loud 3 things you are grateful for
  2. See stress as a challenge and not a threat – it is there for your growth
  3. Do the right things and let go of the results
  4. Believe that your behavior matters
  5. SMILE!
  6. Complement others

Let’s make being happy a priority.  Our attitude is really a choice.

CAUTION: If you are clinically depressed or ill and need treatment, please take care of yourself.  Stress literally suppresses your immune system and once in a deep depression or severely ill, your attitude alone may not be enough.  See your doctor.  Get treatment, but help your recovery by practicing the above positive thoughts.

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