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We have known since 1999 – 2001 here in the US that thimerosal (mercury) is a neurotoxin and has no place in vaccines.  It was removed from all but the multi dose flu shots here in the USA.  A couple vaccines still have trace amounts.  It is sad that the Academy of Pediatrics is choosing not to stand on the side of all children, and is endorsing the ongoing indefinite use of thimerosal world wide. Pediatric leaders in the US, will rapidly loose credibility in the world if this double standard and lack of rigorous research on topics this important continues. 

As a parent, we must choose who we listen to.  I am increasingly concerned that when it comes to vaccines and vaccine schedules, the leaders at CDC and AAP must have conflicts of interest.  They continue to ignore a large body of evidence on toxicity of thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum and pretend that the only factor in choosing to vaccinate or not is the number of deaths the program might prevent. I like preventing deaths, but the other side of the equation – how many children suffer complications, brain damage and yes even death, increased illness, etc.  -needs to be a strong and equal consideration.  

Sadly, when autism, neurological and developmental delays increase in these countries, no one will be looking.  It will remain a surprise and a mystery as to why and how this came about. 

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