Aluminum Brain Toxicity and Decreased GABA.

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When a person has decreased GABA they are in a state of extreme anxiety, stress and can have panic attacks and indeed seizures in extreme cases.  Knowing that many of our vaccines are very high in aluminum, it’s not a stretch to wonder whether there is a connection between the anxiety and  neurological changes we see in autism, autism spectrum, ADD/ ADHD, anxiety, and panic attacks, and the toxic levels of aluminum given with some of the vaccines.

This remains a major concern and a particularly big concern now that the ACIP (branch of the CDC that makes immunization policy) has decided that all pregnant women should receive the Dtap (170 – 650 micrograms of aluminum) while they are pregnant!

Here are some journal reports that would support this. Read these and let me know what you think. I invite your comments and support.

Neurochemical Abnormalities in Brains of Renal Failure Patients Treated by Repeated Hemodialysis

The Physiopathologic Bases of the Neurotoxicity of Phosphorus Chelating Agents Containing Soluble Aluminum Salts in Patients with Renal Insufficiency

Aluminum Neurotoxicity in Experimental Animals

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