Warning to Pregnant Mothers- Toxic Dose of Aluminum in the Tdap

We have a crisis of toxins being injected into children. Why are we seeing so much autism? The rate of Autism was 1 – 2 / 10,000 in the USA during the 1980’s. That represented 400 autistic cases in the USA a year. Now, with autism rates at 1/88 to 1/100 that means out of 4 million annual births we have about 40,000 new autism cases in the USA each year and the rates seem to be rising. Mercury in vaccines until about 2001 was “proven” to show no link between vaccines and autism. Alas, that data is no longer available to be analysed independently.

There was no decrease in autism after 2001 when the thimerosal (mercury) was removed from vaccines. The alumium load was increased in newborns in 2001 when the Hepatitis B vaccine was moved from being given to teens to being given to all newborns. Hepatitis B vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum. This may account for the rise in autism, despite having the thimerosal (mercury) taken out of the vaccines.

The ACIP (American Committee on Immunization Practices), a branch of the CDC, now recommends the Tdap (with it’s 330 micrograms of aluminum – or more) be given to every pregnant mom in the USA. What’s disturbing is that we know from studies and from the FDA that we are not to exceed 4 – 5 micrograms of aluminum / Kg /day for newborns.

Giving this high aluminum vaccine to every pregnant mom in America will be a toxic load of a magnitude that defies logic and reason. 4 million new pregnancies poisoned each year. The unborn child would be getting a dose of a known neurotoxin – aluminum – that may be well over 100 times (10,000%) the known maximum toxic dose. There just isn’t a safe dose of aluminum to inject into pregnant women. The uterus shunts nutrients and toxins. We may be about to see neurological damage in newborns that makes the current rates of autism pale in comparison.

Pregnant mom’s, please refuse to get the Tdap while you are pregnant. You can protect your baby from pertussis (whooping cough) by having all the parents and caregivers get the Dtap right after birth. The baby can then start the pertussis Dtap starting at 2 months like usual.

Dr Paul

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