Autism and Aluminum…The Great Controversy (Or Is It…?)

11/29/12  The US government airs it’s hearing on autism (it’s possible causes and things that can be done / services).  

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While I don’t think the issue of aluminum in vaccines made it to the forefront of this debate, the focus on the thimerosal (mercury) that is still in some flu vaccines (those that are multidose) and still in some vaccines being used in other countries is at least getting some attention.  We live in a much more toxic world than just a generation ago.  Research that may have been done decades ago about safety is really no longer valid given the huge body burden we all carry and that is passed on to newborns.  Then we must do everything possible to minimize the injection of further toxins in our vaccine schedule.  

I would hate to see us abandon all vaccines.  That would certainly be a prescription for disaster BUT, we can make sensible choices using the data we have already.

Hep B is transmitted primarily by sex and IV drug use.  Newborns can only get Hep B if their mom has it.  If birth mom (the one pregnant and about to deliver) does not have Hep B – then wait on that vaccine.  The Hep B has 250 micrograms of aluminum.  The adult daily max is 50 micrograms. The FDA daily max for newborn preemies is 4 – 5 micrograms per Kg/ day.  Most newborns weigh about 3 – 4  Kg so we should not exceed 15 – 20 micrograms of aluminum a day.  Why inject 250 micrograms with the Hep B vaccine for an illness that a newborn baby has ZERO risk for?

If a newborn should not exceed 4 – 5 micrograms of aluminum/ Kg / day – what do you suppose the maximum safe amount of aluminum would be for an unborn developing baby? Remember the uterus has the job of shunting nutrients (and toxin – doesn’t discriminate), so my guess is there is no safe amount of aluminum that can be injected into a pregnant mom.  Why then would you agree as a pregnant mom to have 170 – 650 micrograms of aluminum (the amounts in the current Dtap vaccines) injected while you were pregnant?  The CDC ACIP will tell you it is because of all the Pertussis that is killing babies.  By their own data and report, there are less than 20 deaths from pertussis this year (it’s November 2012) in this, the worst year for Pertussis the US has seen in over 50 years.  

So if I get their logic… we will inject over 100X the known toxic dose of a known neurotoxin into pregnant moms – research that would never in a million years be approved by any IRB (Institutional review board) unless there were conflicts of interest – so we can possibly prevent a hand full of deaths?  

Is the trade off – almost certain neurological damage to every infant/ baby born in America – to possibly prevent a few Pertussis deaths worth it?  It is not for me to decide, but I do think that every new parent (pregnant mom) should at least be given the option not to poison their unborn child and should be informed (INFORMED CONSENT) that this vaccine contains a very high (100X the upper toxic dose for a newborn) amount of aluminum.  Parents should also be given the option of vaccinating mom right after birth, along with vaccination of dad and all caregivers and children in the home. This concept of cocooning, where the newborn is in effect put in a surrounding where everyone is immune to Pertussis thus they won’t bring it home to the baby, was just recently proposed as the best approach.  

Let’s not abandon this before we even get started.

Dr. Paul


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