Over Vaccinating and Exposure to Neurotoxins

Below are links to two articles. The first shows data that is pointing to Autism symptoms being related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen exposure and the second is an important study published by OHSU researchers 5 years ago that discusses over-vaccinating our children. 

The conclusion,  that we may be over vaccinating, is absolutely on target. In my own practice we typically check the MMR titers at age 4 – 6  rather than blindly immunizing with a second booster dose of those three live viruses.  Over 95% of patients are not just immune – they have VERY high titers against MMR with probable lifelong immunity.  

I disagree with the statement that, “we also need to mention that over-vaccinating the population poses no health or safety concerns”.

Clearly vaccines are not harmless or without potential side effects, and many contain excessive amounts of aluminum (a known neurotoxin) see recent article: http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/Entropy/entropy-14-02227.pdf (this shows data pointing to Autism symptoms related to exposure to Aluminum and Acetaminophen).

Here is the article from OHSU discussing over-vaccinating:

The more you learn about this vaccine issue, the more you realize there is much more to the story and many issues that just must be addressed.  I urge my patients not to panic and abandon all vaccines. We are still in the middle of the biggest pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak Oregon has seen in 50 years and infants may die.  Vaccination provides good protection (though not perfect).

Dr Paul


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