Association of cord blood levels of lead, arsenic, and zinc with neurodevelopmental indicators in newborns: A birth cohort study in Chitwan Valley, Nepal

This study shows that maternal arsenic and lead levels will be harmful to the developing brain of your baby.  Zinc is not harmful.  With the new information of increased arsenic found in rice grown in the USA, this is further reason to avoid rice products while pregnant and for your baby and infant.



  • Anonymous

    It’s known that heavy metals affect neurological function. What are you suggesting for those considering becoming pregnant or those pregnant? Measuring cord blood is too late. Do all potential mothers get tested for heavy metal burden?

    • admin

      Everyone has a body burden of numerous toxins. The benefits of having a family and being a parent are so great, and our body burden is what it is, that I don’t feel that there is a need to test for all the various toxins we might be carrying. Prospective parents should do everything possible to minimize future toxins and increasing the body burden by eating organic, avoiding GMO foods, and eating lower on the food chain. While pregnant, definitely don’t get vaccines containing aluminum (eg. Tdap), eat organic, and avoid eating fish.

      Dr Paul

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