A Call To Action: First Do No Harm

A few months ago, I started making YouTube videos on pediatric topics. Until now it was just a casual thing prompted by my son Noah who had the interest in making videos. It has now become a major life mission and purpose. Let me explain so you can know my heart.

In 2002 or 2003, one of my patient’s mothers asked me to go to the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) conference, that was coming to Portland. I went, I was blown away by the high quality of information and I literally wept (tears rolling down my cheek) as I realized we had poisoned a generation with the mercury that was in the vaccines. That started the journey. I attended many DAN! Conferences, and others and learned all I could. Autism rates did not drop, as I was sure they would. In 2005, 2006, 2007 then 2008 I had in my practice (my own patients) one new severe autistic boy by age two who was normal at age 1. I remember that day in November of 2008 when I walked into that room and saw that special little guy sitting in his stroller his head going back and forth and there was no eye contact, no language and “no one home”. Like a stab in the heart – I got the message. Forgive me Lord for it taking so long – to get the message.

I realized I could no longer vaccinate as “usual” that I would certainly not give the Hep B to newborns whose mothers did not have Hep B. I was already splitting out the MMR at that point, and this new passion led to the formation of Integrative Pediatrics LLC.

You see, something tragic happened in 2002. Just as they took out the mercury from most of the vaccines, they moved the Hepatitis B vaccine (with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum) from giving it to teens (where it makes sense) to giving it to newborns. We now have studies showing aluminum neurotoxicity and an FDA rule not to exceed 4 – 5 micrograms of aluminum / Kg / day. So I ask: why would it be OK to inject 250 micrograms into a 3 Kg newborn? That’s 14 – 20 times the maximum allowable of a known neurotoxin. This year they are recommending giving the Dtap to pregnant moms (that has 330 + micrograms of aluminum!) and that fetus is even more vulnerable.

Raised by revolutionary parents in Africa, and taught to stand up for justice, fight for those without a voice, I was taught do the right thing even when the consequences might be harsh.

The medical establishment is pushing ALL the vaccines more than ever with health plans now looking at vaccine rates as a quality measure so that those doctors with poor rates are considered “bad doctors”. I think this is just the prelude to dropping doctors from health plans. I received a new family in my practice this past week who received a discharge letter in the mail from their pediatrician of 10 years that he could no longer see them if they did not come in that month and get all the required vaccines. Doctors are afraid and starting to comply, leaving no option for intelligent dialogue.

With that background and the realization that with YouTube we can reach every household in the world – the time is now. If not us – who, if not now – when, and the message is a careful but steady education about the truth. “The truth is singular, it’s version’s are the mistruth”. People will get this. It’s time to change the world.

Let’s join together to get the word out. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel “paulthomasmd” and share this email and information with your contacts.

As I’m sure you know, it’s not just the vaccines. Toxins are the issue, and for some, immune disruption and or viral infection with things like MMR live virus and other viral infections.

So YouTube is the vehicle to reach the world. Let’s get connected (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, email) and I will faithfully do my part to bring the important topics to our community. The truth shall set us free. We shall overcome. I grew up to that song.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Paul (Paul Thomas MD FAAP ABAM ABIHM)

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