Address to Recent Claims in Defense of Childhood Immunization

Lately, you may have read in the news about vaccines and their relation to autism. In response, it lies evident that the truth is often clouded by social and political agendas.

We will continue to hear “no link between mercury and autism” and “no link between vaccines and autism” as the establishment fights to preserve the status quo and the current paradigm.  For a good read on the other side of this debate, I would recommend the David Kirby book “Evidence of Harm,” and the new book by Olmsted and Blaxill, “The Age of Autism”.  This later book starts the Introduction with a quote:

“You are not to expect visible proofs in a work of darkness. You are to collect the truth from circumstances, and little collateral facts, which taken singly afford no proof, yet put together, so tally with, and confirm each other, that they are as strong and convincing evidence, as facts that appear in the broad face of the day.”

-Judge Francis Buller To The Jury In A Murder Trial, 1781

Until the real studies are done where 10,000 or 100,000 children are not vaccinated or are vaccinated in different ways and then followed for the development of autism, we will be left with this void and lack of certainty. 

From Hippocrates 1860 and taught in all medical schools, we should attempt to “First do no Harm – Primum non nocere”

Dr. Paul


(originally posted on 9/17/2010)

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